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I’m kind of back. I’m still in the most lovely OBX where I’ve been for the past two marvelous weeks, but I leave tomorrow morning bright (okay, maybe not that bright) and somewhat early and hope that I don’t get stuck in the I95 parking lot. (Ugh.) This is the first time I’ve done 2 weeks and it still doesn’t feel like enough…will it ever? 😉

Without further ado, the first thing I’ve written in 2 weeks…another ugh.

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

Sir Pen T

We never camped.

Years ago, we stopped even renting a cabin in the woods. He “doesn’t get” the woods.

These days we go to the beach where he works continuously, and I seek friends in strangers.

These “friends” have very sharp fangs, which I didn’t notice immediately. Their amber eyes narrow like reptiles.

“What to do with her?” the woman asks.

“I like that marinated, grilled thing you did the other night,” he says.

“With jalapenos,” he adds, his forked tongue tasting the air.


Sascha Darlington

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  1. I loved the first part of this, about a crumbling relationship and seeking friends in strangers. Then it became an unconnected horror story and I was confused

  2. Dear Sascha,

    Those new friends sound a little odd. Like Neil I was a little confused by them. I’m missing the beach myself. A week in NC wasn’t long enough.



  3. It’s a shame about the marriage problems. I’m taking for granted the descriptions of the “friends” are her being highly sarcastic. A good story, Sascha. Well done. —- Suzanne

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