Niche Peace #FOWC #amwriting

Thanks to Fandango for giving us this word, Masterpiece, and something to write about! 🙂

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
Niche Peace

Honestly, I’m not striving for a masterpiece.
A student piece, a pupil piece
any piece strung together with cogent words
towards an end will mend and tend
to give me peace in my barren
writer’s blocked niche.

Sascha Darlington

7 thoughts on “Niche Peace #FOWC #amwriting

  1. Poor thing. You seem to be stuck on writer’s block. Just read your review of the Motivation book. But this was a fun piece/peace.

  2. Unblock the block…
    In the mouth a sock
    it came as a shock!

    Tend, send and mend,
    find a loyal friend,
    who’ll for you bend…

    Then finds the string
    that helps you swing
    or take to the wing

    That string for the plug
    with an ungainly shrug
    an opening you dug

    To help break the wall
    the writer’s block to fall
    renewed vigour to install!

    So, in your niche,
    new words release
    for your inner peace!


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