Review of Total Control

Total Control

Alpha Crew Series

Laura Griffin

September 2, 2019

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Blurb: Navy SEAL Jake Heath has his eyes on Alexa Mays. The FBI Agent is whip smart and hot as hell, but she won’t give him the time of day. So, when she calls him out of blue, he thinks his luck has changed.

But instead of meeting up for a romantic dinner, Alexa needs Jake for a very different reason. Her counterterrorism team is hot on the heels of the extremist that Jake’s task force has been tracking for months, and now he’s on American soil. The only way she can take him down is with Jake’s help.

Alexa knows Jake is tough and relentless…and that the chemistry between them is electric. Although she’s risking her heart—and maybe even her career—by bringing him onto the mission, she doesn’t have another choice. Together, they’re an unstoppable and powerful team.

As the hours tick by and a lethal enemy gets closer to launching an unimaginable attack, Alexa and Jake need to fight fire with fire before the clock runs out. The only question is: will their own flames get in the way?

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I have loved the other novels in Laura Griffin’s Alpha Crew Series. They are a great blend of sensuality and action. While Total Control also possesses that combination, I was not as engrossed as I had been with the previous novels.

We briefly met Alexa Mays, the FBI agent in Cover of Night (read my review here). In Total Control she’s our female main character and probably the source of my issue with this novel. She’s pretty much devoid of personality, unlike the women who had been at the center of the previous novels. Perhaps it’s because she’s an FBI agent who is constrained by her job, but her main emotion seems to be “fuming.” We don’t really get to know her, with the exception that she had to be tough to compete in a man’s field.

Jake, however, is sexy and unstoppable, although I wish that more thought had gone into his blowing off his dad’s camping trip. That gave me a real “ugh” moment. I also wish that he had a woman who was his equal.

Much of the first part of the novel is setting up for the action and letting Jake and Alexa get to know each other so it seemed like a slow start for me, especially for a Laura Griffin novel. The last third to quarter more than made up for it.

For readers of this action-packed, steamy series, Total Control is a must read. For others, you might want to start at the beginning and get a taste of the other novels with their sexy SEAL heroes and kickass heroines.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



3 butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies

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