Review of The Undercover Cowboy

The Undercover Cowboy

A Twilight, Texas Novella

Lori Wilde

September 3, 2019

Avon Impulse


Allie Grainger appreciated eye candy as much as the next gal, but she never expected to be rescued by it! On her way to a job interview, she was nearly trampled by a small herd of Texas Longhorns during Twilight’s Wild West Cattle Drive.  Luckily for her, a shirtless cowboy actually swept her off her feet and onto the sidewalk. Perhaps she should walk and text more often.

But Kyle Richmond was no “mere” cowboy. Sent by the FBI to uncover an art theft ring, he was in Twilight, getting leads on a series of robberies that went from one end of the country to the other. Soon his clues lead him right in the direction of tempting, irresistible Allie. How can so much trouble be tied up in such a delectable package?  And what will happen when Allie discovers the truth about this undercover cowboy?

I read two novellas early on when I was a book blogger, which made me make some sweeping statement like: romance novellas just don’t work. Ever since, I’ve been reading authors who have made me eat my words. The latest one is Lori Wilde whose The Undercover Cowboy shows me that if a story is imbued with enough magic, literal and metaphorical, even love at first sight can be believable.

Kyle(the blurb)/Rick(the undercover name)/Kade(the name in the novella) 😉 saves seemingly delicate Allie from being trampled by a stampeding herd of cattle while she’s just standing there waiting for The Voice to tell her what to do. At first he thinks she might be a bit loony tunes but then decides that her kind of loony tunes is right up his alley (heh).

Allie is a happy person. She lives each day as it comes with no regrets. She may trust too easily. Kade certainly thinks so and regrets the fact that he’s lying to her. But Allie also has a steel spine and is completely reasonable. (I love reasonable female main characters!)

They are immediately attracted to each other, come together as a force of nature enhanced with magic, a magic of possibilities and mysticism.

It’s because of Wilde’s writing that I backed off from the “instalove” doesn’t work stance. It sometimes works. In the hands of the right author. Here it works. I was swept up into their quick courtship, steamy sessions, and then the threat.

The Undercover Cowboy is fun and works and is a great addition to the Twilight, Texas series.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



4 butterflies out of 5

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