Stormy Weather

Sandbridge 2019

Today’s been a strange day. The Capital Weather Gang says that clouds from Hurricane Dorian have entered the area (in the DC area we’re not supposed to experience anything except for a few showers) so it’s been dark, kind of gloomy. But the temperatures aren’t tropical. It feels like a hint that autumn is coming.

The Outer Banks and Sandbridge, my favorite places, have mandatory evacuations. The evacuations even extend well inland in both NC and VA due to the possibility of flooding in the low-lying regions. There will be “life-threatening” storm surge and winds. All day Dorian has sent waterspouts and tornadoes across the coastal regions.

I know that in Sandbridge, friends will have been busily boarding up, removing furniture from decks, securing anything that could become airborne, hoping for the best. We all hope for the best across the area.

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