Unseen #amwriting #100words

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash


From first flute and percussion to rock jams in a basement to crowded stadiums and realized dreams, together, they’d done it all. The last part of the dream was him finally seeing her.

That night he unveiled the new song.

“You only need to know the bassline,” he told her. “I’m keeping the lyrics a secret.”

His enigmatic smile warmed her.

“Sure,” she’d say.

Her heart leapt at the possibilities. For 25 years she’d been at his side knowing one day he’d finally see her. Her. Not his best friend. Not his fellow composer. Her. The woman.

“I’d give this life up only for you,” he sang, to her niece in the front row.


Sascha Darlington

4 thoughts on “Unseen #amwriting #100words

  1. I read this several times to get it. And then, wham, right between the eyes. Of course he’d go for a younger woman. Yikes. Good job.

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