What Happens to OBX Wild Horses When A Hurricane Hits?

While I’ve probably talked a lot about OBX (the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I don’t believe that I’ve ever mentioned the wild horses that inhabit the northern strip from the 4×4 area (you can only access using 4 wheel drive) into False Cape State Park in Virginia.

Right now, OBX is under a mandatory evacuation as it looks like Hurricane Dorian is going to slam that narrow strip of land. After several centuries of living here, the horses have obviously survived hurricanes before. Here is their story from The Washington Post.

3 thoughts on “What Happens to OBX Wild Horses When A Hurricane Hits?

  1. Very interesting. I tried to reblog this post but only the title went to my site. There are wild horses on Sable Island as well that have survived hurricanes and major storms. They will get the end of Dorian when it gets up to our Eastern seaboard.

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