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“Home” was written for dVerse’s prosery. Click on the link to find out more.

Photo by Vidar Kristiansen on Unsplash

Home (144 words)

Falling into oblivion, the city, working until fatigue cloaked her, passing through days robotically.

Memories evaporated.

As she’d once been one with the forest, she became one with chaos. Honking cars, screaming, the piercing clatter of the metro train on tracks. Noise became a numbing refuge. A place where thinking suspended.

Sally dragged her out dancing. Electronic music—an oxymoron if she’d ever heard one. Sweaty bodies mingled. And that’s when it became too much. She couldn’t.

She abandoned the dimly lit, seizure-inducing cacophonic light show to hear a man screaming profanity as he swayed carrying a brown paper bag.

“I need my mountains,” she whispered, her voice a breeze.

She could return—Thomas Wolfe be damned.

Not running away, running to. Home. Life. Every atom that coalesced to form her existence mingled. The memories. Oh, these memories that were left with the trees.


Sascha Darlington

6 thoughts on “Home #dVerse

  1. Love this. 😊 Nice use of the line from the poem! The story sucked me in. I could relate… I much prefer the peace of nature to human chaos.

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