Who’s Julia Child?

“Who’s Julia Child?” was written for Friday Fictioneers (early this time…well, early-ish). Thank you, Rochelle!

I thought we might be in need of something a little more light-hearted this week.

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Who’s Julia Child? (99 words)

“What in the hell’s she doing? Is that cocaine?” Connor asks, watching my Gran.

I giggle. My grandmother and cocaine? “It’s a sifter.”

“Sifter? What the hell’s a sifter?”

Gran stops, eyes him over her glasses. “Does your mother bake, son?”

He laughs. “Are you kidding? I think she has boxes of shoes in the oven.”

Gran shakes her head. “No birthday cake?”

“Sure. From the bakery.”

“Thanksgiving dinner?”

“We go to the grand’s.”

“Home cooked meals?”

“Nothing says home cooking like the Olive Garden.”

Gran glances at me. “Please tell me he’s kidding.”

“He’s kidding.”

“But I’m not!”


Sascha Darlington

23 thoughts on “Who’s Julia Child?

  1. Dear Sascha,

    I remember getting to sift the flour when my mother bakes. I can see why Connor wouldn’t know what a sifter is nowadays. 😉 From the mouths of babes. Loved this story. 😀



    1. lol (Probably I shouldn’t laugh as that is the thing with people these days, blowing up their houses and sheds as they cook meth…or whatever they do with it.) Who knows, Connor may be the next Jacques Pepin! 🙂 Thanks, Bjorn.

  2. In single-parent households, or household in which both parents work full-time, cooking and baking can often become lost arts. Too bad, but understandable.

  3. Lovely story, Sascha! I don’t think Connor will last too long as a boyfriend!
    And thank you for introducing me to Julia Child – she sounds like a most striking individual.

  4. Good story, Sascha. I loved the humor. I had a friend who used to complain about the food her daughter-in-law fed her four children. My friend was a great cook and hated fast food. 😀 — Suzanne

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