On Extinction: No Compromises

For the entirety that I’ve been alive, it has seemed as if we’ve gone from one crisis to another, except for the ’80s. Did I miss a crisis then? Maybe it was the almost bad music? (Like that qualification?!) However, I feel like the current crisis may be going into critical mode and I am disappointed in people who choose to blithely attack those who point out how bad the situation is or who ignore it altogether.

This is our planet. This is it. As others like to say: there is no plan B.

I don’t understand the philosophy of turning aside on climate change. Even if you’re right and there’s not problem, what does it hurt to do things for the good of the planet? No one has explained that to me.

Preaching aside. Here’s my quadrille for dVerse using the word “extinction.”

On Extinction: No Compromises

He: “I don’t believe

in climate change, extinction

melting ice, global warming

hurricanes storming.

All hocus-pocus fiction, causing friction.”

Me: “You read one report, then retort, know-it-all consort.

How are you an expert? An excerpt from a lesser jester?”

Blood pressure rises;

no compromises.

Sascha Darlington

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