Hungry Buggers #dVerse

“Hungry Buggers” was written for dVerse where we were asked to write a haibun about our experience with an insect. Click on the link to join in.

Photo by Егор Камелев on Unsplash

Hungry Buggers

This summer I–evidently–drenched myself in the fragrance Eau du Eat Me, because the mosquitoes responded.

I used to be one of those fortunate folks who were not feasted on—feisty blood probably. I felt bad for those who had red splotches on their limbs, itching welts, and complaints. Now I am them. I have a tube of cortisone nearby and wonder how that critter found the very center of my back.

Buzzy long legged

Insect of doom, go away.

Autumn is coming.

Sascha Darlington

6 thoughts on “Hungry Buggers #dVerse

  1. I love your haibun’s title, Sascha, and you made me chuckle with your ‘Eau du Eat Me’ – we must have the same fragrance as Rob! Oh, those Insects of doom! Autumn will scare them off.

  2. Eau du Eat Me…funny title for an unfunny problem. My aunt is a mosquito magnet and keeps alcohol in several rooms of her house for bites. I love the title of this. I am sorry!

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