Review of Lone Wolf Cowboy

Lone Wolf Cowboy

A Gold Valley Novel

Maisey Yates

July 30, 2019



Will Gold Valley’s most reclusive cowboy finally find a reason to heal?

As a former EMT and a wildland firefighter, there’s no one Jacob Dalton can’t rescue—except himself. Since his best friend’s tragic death, Jacob has isolated himself…until Vanessa Logan returns to Gold Valley. He saved her life during a medical call years ago, and he’s never forgotten her. The instant jolt of heat between them takes him by surprise, but he knows that giving in to it would only end in disaster…

For Vanessa, returning home was about healing, not about exploring her attraction with Jacob. He is the guardian angel from her past—with strong, capable hands and an irresistible mouth. A temptation she knows she can’t afford. Until the chemistry between them explodes, and unites them in a way they could never have imagined…

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Note: If my review is not subtle enough, there may be a spoiler in here so if you think you might read the novel, you should pass on reading my review.

I have never been disappointed in a Maisey Yates’ novel before until Lone Wolf Cowboy.

The main characters are two wounded souls. Jacob blames himself for the death of his best friend while Vanessa has been sober for five years. When I began reading, I mentally applauded Yates for taking on this subject matter from this viewpoint. Frankly, it seems that many writers like taking the easy way out and making an alcoholic or an addict the scapegoat or the “bad guy.” Here we have a woman who is taking responsibility for her life, starting over, and returning to her hometown. That’s courageous.

So why was I disappointed? Because Maisey Yates wrote in “an accident” as a means of drawing these two lusty characters together. This is one of my least favorite plot devices. In this case, it completely changed my perception of the novel because it changed my perception of Vanessa. (Jacob was already behaving like a jerk so I didn’t have a lot of expectation for him.)

From here an already “talky” novel became more repetitious.

I recommend Lone Wolf Cowboy for diehard Maisey Yates and the Gold Valley series fans.

Thanks to Harlequin and Maisey Yates for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.



3 out of 5 butterflies

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