Photographs and Memories #amwriting

Oooof. Is that the sound you make when there’s so much going on and you feel too tired to write? Well, at any rate, I think it’s the sound I make. In the future, I will just say “oooof” and you’ll know what it’s all about. 😉

I am getting in on Friday Fictioneers right under the wire. Not one of the best efforts, but since I’ve been sorting through things like photographs lately, I have given the matter some thought… Thank you, Rochelle, for the prompt!



Photographs and Memories (96 words)

“Lastly, picture sorting,” Terry said.

Meg shook her head. “You keep them.”

“Why? It’s our family history.” Terry rolled her eyes. “You’re going all cynical now, aren’t you?”

“I think family pictures are for other people. I look at smiling pictures of the parents and remember the so many times they weren’t smiling at each other. The brothers—fighting. You and me? Barely talking.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“I’ve got the memories I want,” Meg said.

Terry pulled one from the pile. “How about this one?”

Meg’s heart broke. “Shep. The best dog ever. Yeah, this I’ll keep.”


10 thoughts on “Photographs and Memories #amwriting

  1. Dear Sascha,

    Those pets are part of our families. I have quite a few pictures of deceased dogs and cats. I wish I could reach in and pull them out and cuddle them. Nicely done.



  2. I really liked the way you showed the seduction of a particular image for someone content with her memories. Photos are lovely and terrible things

  3. I love looking at photos. I do think they hold a small segment of reality but I enjoy looking at anyone’s photos. I like to imagine things about them. Thanks for sharing.

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