Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been married longer than most presidents were alive

I don’t do politics. I don’t do religion. I think someone once said those two topics were the best to avoid in civil company.

However, I don’t think it’s talking politics to mention that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been married for more than 73 years. This article describes how they still walk hand-in-hand.


Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter on their wedding day in 1946. (The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum)

I read a recent article about how Mr. Carter hurt himself but still went out to do work for Habitat for Humanity in his 90s. A remarkable human being, a Nobel Peace prize winner. He may not have been the most successful president, but his sense of morality, ethics, and integrity are missed in that office today.

Here’s hoping for many more years for Mr. Carter and his lovely lady.



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  1. Wow! He cuts a dashing figure in uniform. I think it’s good to see our older well-knowns when they were young. Thanks for sharing.

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