Where is Sascha Darlington?

Any guesses?

I’d love to hear them. Should I skip a few lines to keep you guessing?

Okay, I’m still here. I have relatives visiting from England and have had lots of work. I’m behind on everything, but if I weren’t would you recognize me? πŸ˜‰

I’ve also been participating in the Carrot Ranch rodeo, which I have no doubt I’m failing miserably at. I’m not feeling as “on” as I was last year….but then I failed last year too, except for an honorable mention. Maybe I’m not Rodeo material!

I haven’t been keeping up on my book reviews because my latest book is for a tour and isn’t very good. What do you do then? Write a half-assed review and keep it as part of what sounds like an already microscopic tour or bow out?

I need to write many poems to reach my record of 17 for OctPoWriMo. And, what else?

Yikes. Let’s not mention the fails for the past week, shall we?

In place of my music Monday, which I also failed to produce this past week, maybe we’ll offer something lovely, my favorite song from when I was a very wee babe, “Moon River.” I wanted to find a beautiful unfamiliar version. This video by Sarah McKenzie fits up until her last bit at the end where she tries to riff. Perfect until that…for me anyway.

I will be more present soon, my lovelies. (And, no, I didn’t say that in my best Wizard of Oz West Witch voice…I promise πŸ˜‰ )


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