Platitudes & Attitudes

Argh! I missed last week’s Friday Fictioneers and I really wanted to write on that story. All about halos or at least that’s what I saw.

Regardless, I am making it early (for me) for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Thank you to Rochelle. If you want to join in, click on the link.




Platitudes & Attitudes (100 words)

In the past day clichés abounded:

“People change.”

“Take up sewing, trying to control people is a waste of time.”

“People judge.”

And, why not? She wanted to know. Not on the controlling part, that she got. But the judging—why was acceptance so hard?

She felt weighed down in spirit and body. Lumbering.

“So-called friends wanting to change you, aren’t real friends,” Jenny said. “The next time she rhapsodizes over her obsessive eating and exercise, remember the McCartney song.”

“’Let it Be’?”

“’Live and Let Die.’”

“Ominous much?”

“Only where my besties are concerned.”

“True friend?”

“To the end.”


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