What I Learned Today: Dogs and Oil Diffusers

Last winter I bought this essential oil diffuser, mainly to help with my sinuses and alleviate the dryness in the area where I was working. I decided I’d also give aromatherapy a try. The jury’s still out on that last one. I don’t know if “inspiration oil” is helping yet or not.

This evening I read something alarming. Diffusing essential oils can be harmful to your pets. The first article I read came from a posting on FB about a woman whose dog was poisoned (he’s now okay) by the tree tea oil she was using in her diffuser.

While not all essential oils are harmful, the lists seem to indicate that more are harmful than not harmful. Check out this Whole Dog Journal for more info.

So, the bottom line is if you have pets and a diffuser, use the diffuser in a room where the pets don’t have access and only use for a short time.

I obviously have more reading to do about this whole aromatherapy thing.

Always keep your pets safe!

2 thoughts on “What I Learned Today: Dogs and Oil Diffusers

  1. Are these the same as the plug-in air fresheners (Glade)? I read that these are bad for everyone. Thanks for making us all aware.

    1. I’m unaware of the issue of Glade air fresheners, but you can bet I’ll check it out…although I don’t have them. I tend to use Bath and Body Works smelly things that you plug in. Diffusers have a water compartment that you can add drops of essential oil to.

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