Hello, December!

Where’ve You Been Sascha Darlington?

Sophie says: Come along and see where we’ve been!

We spent a week for Thanksgiving at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach where we were joined by family and friends.

I had the best intentions of posting once or twice while away–but we know about good intentions, right?

We arrived on Friday evening and on Saturday, Sophie, Scout and I were the only ones on the beach.

The beach to ourselves!

Well, except for these guys who got swept back into the sea on the next high tide:

A jellyfish?

A then there were these guys who were not so abundant last May but were this past week:

Gulls posing.

We then went walking in Back Bay National Wildlife refuge where I hope to see migrating birds who’ve settled here for the winter. (Not the dogs since they’re not permitted.)

The Charles Kuralt Trail at Back Bay National Wildlife refuge.

While I didn’t see much wildlife, the weather was pretty spectacular for the last week of November.

A turtle sunning himself in the late afternoon:

“I see you. Do you see me?”

Back Bay.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Sunset at Back Bay.

And, yes, Scout was at the Beach.

Scout: you’re interrupting serious nap time with your photo.
Sophie always on the move. “What are we going to do now?”

And the last evening at Sandbridge. Sunset turning the ocean silver and pink.

A busy and fun-filled week and a joyous Thanksgiving day.

I am officially back! ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Hello, December!

  1. Thrilled your back. You shared some pretty spectacular photos for which I thank you whole heartedly. I feel as though I’ve been there. The original armchair traveler. So beautiful!!!!!!!

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