A Call for Guest Posts About: Dogs! The Celebration of Dogs!


You may have noticed that “The Celebration of Dogs” has not yet happened. I am waiting on some write-ups so we may be shooting for the New Year on this one. If you’d like to participate, like me to re-blog a post or anything of that sort, make a comment below or email me at saschadarlington@aol.com. I’m happy to include fiction and poetry as well as non-fiction. Many thanks!

Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash

In the coming months, I have some interesting book titles coming up about dogs. Because of this, I’ve decided that the latter part of September and into October (perhaps further depending on response) I will be devoting to stories about people and the dogs in their lives. I also have some wonderful individuals who participate in the rescue, rehabilitation or fostering of dogs who are going to share their stories with us. I am so excited!

I know a lot of you have dogs you love in your lives. If you would like to be involved in this celebration of dogs by sharing your story and having a guest post on the microcosm, please email me at: saschadarlington@aol.com. I will also be accepting heartfelt poems, stories, and photographs.


19 thoughts on “A Call for Guest Posts About: Dogs! The Celebration of Dogs!

    1. If you want to suggest to me your favorite Maggie post. I could share unless you’d like to write something new. For instance, if she was a rescue, what was the first night like, the first week, etc? But it’s really up to you because I’m sure that one of your old posts will be new for someone. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  1. Count me in, I had been blogging about Archer my now 16 month Goldie and have fallen behind, in favour of fiction. But I do owe him at least a post or two πŸ˜‰

  2. Sascha, dogs make life so much more meaningful. I can’t imagine life without having at least one in the family. I’ve blogged about canines a number of times, and if you are inclined, I would be happy for you to republish this poignant tribute:

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