A Lesson on the Half-Century Party Bus #amwriting

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PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

A Lesson on the Half-Century Party Bus

A party-bus to celebrate my twin’s and my 50th birthday? Not my idea. I voted for Aruba.

The women in the thigh-length dresses and the F-Me heels? Celeste’s friends.

The women in the mom jeans and hoodies with Kindles? My friends.

The men swilling beer, and watching hockey on a tablet? Our significant others who could only be cajoled into attending by unlimited IPA.

Celeste’s best friend Amelia skewers herself on a pole while an old Madonna tune blares. Celeste and her other friends join in. And then, somewhat miraculously, so do I. The hell if I’m going gracefully into that goodnight.


Sascha Darlington

27 thoughts on “A Lesson on the Half-Century Party Bus #amwriting

  1. What better time to shake off your usual self? Love the snowflakes on your version of the photo. I miss WordPress’s annual snowfall.

  2. I would almost certainly put several things serious lout of joint if I tried that, and I’d never go anywhere gracefully again!

    Great fun, Sascha.

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