A Moment of Reflection

Despite having my Christmas tree up for several days now, I finally finished decorating it this afternoon. The last bit of dazzle was to put the tree skirt in place.

I sat on the floor and then Sophie sat on my lap. Always my 45-pound lapdog.

I hugged my dog and told her what a good girl she was. I stroked her head, felt stress remove itself from me and accepted all of the warm fuzzy feelings her cuddles gave me.

And then this song began to play:

The version I heard was the instrumental by George Winston but I wanted you to hear the lyrics in case this song is unfamiliar to you. (You can view the lyrics here.)

The song is about how Baby Jesus is viewed by many races as a child of those races. The universal truth is love despite differences.

Today, with my dog on my lap and hearing this song, I had a moment of clarity or perhaps re-affirmation of a truth. If we approach the world with love, it will be a kinder place. Differences would dissolve, acceptance would prevail.

It’s a nice ideal I will try to work toward.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if love and kindness existed 365 days of the year?

8 thoughts on “A Moment of Reflection

  1. oh this is a wonderful post, thank you! the tree all done up and that pretty bundle of love just waiting to be cuddled, and the lyrics, yes it speaks beyond religion. I feel your heart and it is good and kind. Have you seen Klaus the movie, I seem to be talking about it to everyone! The end song is all about kindness, I think you should listen to it. Blessings to and may kindness always be a step away from you.

  2. This is a wonderful post! And as a dog mom I instantly destress when she sits on my knees and I can pet her. And… your dog is my namesake!!!

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