Meant to Be

Thanks to Charli for this opportunity and prompt. I’ve been away from Carrot Ranch for a while, getting better from being sick and then the holidays. It’s good to be back although I’m sorry to have missed out on the activities that happened while I was away.

Meant to Be

Early days, although we’d known each other for years

I took a liking to key lime pies, which were the rage then.

We judged each pie by its color. Too green? Not a good key lime.

Pale, creamy white? Promising.

I’d taste while you watched, a slight smirk curving your lips.

You disliked the flavor.

Even now, years later, a hollowness creeps over me, knowing how you’d already dismissed me. You never said why. I was never in the running. You loved an older woman, a single mother. Admired her.

“If we were meant to be . . .”


Sascha Darlington

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