Music Monday: From a Distance by Nanci Griffith

Music Monday is a meme started by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Pick a song you really like and share it.


After so many entries for Music Monday, I’ve begun to double check that I’m not repeating myself, which I almost did, with the entry I originally chose (and which I originally chose back in June of 2018, Pearl Jam’s Immortality). I guess if nothing else, I’m steadfast.

I was deliberating whether to choose a Christmas song for the season or a song that just means something and decided on the latter. The song is “From a Distance,” which you may have heard first by Bette Midler. The first singer I heard perform the song was Nanci Griffith. If you like folkie/country/bluegrass sounds and have never listened to Nanci Griffith, you’ve got to give her a listen, especially her covers album called Other Voices, Other Rooms. It’s a very listenable album that I had on autoplay a few years back. Her version of “From a Distance” predated that album by several years.

From a distance we all have enough

And no one is in need

And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease

No hungry mouths to feed

songwriter: Julie Gold

And, just because, I’ll give you Bette Midler’s take:

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: From a Distance by Nanci Griffith

      1. It’s a lovely version, I think. I featured it in a post a few years ago, so I had the video saved in my YouTube favourites 😊

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