And the Spirit Moves #amwriting

This was written for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you as always to Rochelle for providing such a marvelous place for flash fiction writers!

PHOTO PROMPT © Mikhael Sublett

And the Spirit Moves

Zooey knows what her in-laws think of her. She witnesses the finger gestures denoting “crazy” and lips accentuating “woo-woo” when she professes spirituality. More than once they’ve suggested Brent married her because of her bank account, which, until today, she’d vehemently denied . . . to herself.

An earthquake struck, shifting the earth, as they do, trembling the man-made structures, as they do, and stopped.

Briefly she thought her ginger kombucha had more of a kick than usual.

Every picture stayed on the wall except for their wedding picture, severed down the middle, splitting them in two.

The damn cheater.


Sascha Darlington

15 thoughts on “And the Spirit Moves #amwriting

  1. Teacher says, “Every time a man cheats it causes an earthquake.” That’s probably not true. There wouldn’t be much Earth left.

    I’m diggin’ the snowflakes, by the way.

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