Joy To This World

Thank you to Mish at dVerse for providing this prompt pushing us all to finding hope, here and in the new year, the new decade. Thank you! I am and will remain, ever hopeful!

The young, still distrustful Scout from October 6, 2009, a month after arriving in his new life.

Joy To This World

My old dog barks at sights I cannot see.

When I sit with him, he quiets.

Before he came to me, his world frenzied

undernourished, traumatized, he drew inward.

When he barks, these days, at night, at the dark,

does he see the past, the tormentors, the bullies?

These days the bullies are all around

strong in their belief, nourished in their poison.

Scout and I watch the midnight unfold.

We are survivors.

The half moon rises, we see hope.

He looks to me

liquid eyes.

He hears the nature music rising in the fox voice.

I rejoice in songs reverberating in the night.

So much hope echoing

as he and I look outward

rising above our pasts

and suffocating strife.

We each in our own way sing:

Joy to this world.


Sascha Darlington

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