Review of Relax into Yoga for Chronic Pain

Extremely informative and useful but the book is not helped by its layout.

Note: This review is based on an ebook read on a kindle. The experience with a hardcopy book will be different in that the book will have

Relax into Yoga for Chronic Pain

by Jim Carson PhD (Author), Kimberly Carson MPH C-IAYT (Author), Carol Krucoff C-IAYT (Author)

January 2, 2020

New Harbinger Publications

Blurb: Based on the popular Relax into Yoga program developed at Duke University, this book will help you soothe your body and calm your mind—bringing gentle relief to the physical and mental suffering caused by chronic pain.

If you live with chronic pain, you need solutions now to help you feel better and get back to living your life. If you’re looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical pain medication, yoga is powerful practice for managing pain and building resilience. Based on the proven-effective Relax into Yoga program developed by the authors at Duke University, this safe and easy-to-use book—accessible for all levels of fitness and mobility—has everything you need to get started today.

In this workbook, you’ll find an eight-step, integrative approach drawing on both modern western medicine and the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition. The gentle poses and practices in this book are informed by a state-of-the-art understanding of physiology, and can be safely used to help alleviate pain associated with several common health problems, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and more.

This is not a book about getting into pretzel positions or sitting on a yoga mat for hours. This is a book about gentle, easy, and calming yoga that will help you manage your pain and improve your overall well-being.

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I was considering not offering a review of Relax into Yoga for Chronic Pain on my blog as I think reading the ebook version has limited my overall experience. The book is informative and useful, instructing one on how to breathe and be mindful, both of which help to eliminate stress and focus on losing tension in the body. Tension increases pain, thus the “relax” in the title. The authors emphasize how important it is to be aware of stress and work through it rather than try to deny or eliminate it.

All of the information provided is valuable. Now, reading the ebook, the authors provided links that I could not use due to format. Also, whether the hardcopy provides diagrams of the poses used, I cannot tell you, so this review fails you in that respect. I did try to view pages on Amazon but these were limited although I was able to ascertain that diagrams and worksheets not provided in my ebook were shown there.

Poses are described and these are gentle in nature, but without graphics or pictures, I was not as impressed as I would have been. I appreciate pictures in yoga books so that I can get the correct position and understand more clearly. As I mentioned above, I cannot tell you for certain that there aren’t graphics. I’m waiting on some information from the publisher regarding this and will update next week.

Despite this, I found the information to be extremely valuable. What a difference it makes to be mindful and breathe!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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3 out of 5 butterflies

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