Review of In Her Words

In Her Words

A Poetry Journal

for and by women

Marya Layth

Blurb: Celebrate your voice, claim your power―with this women’s poetry journal.

The journey of poetry writing begins with a single line. Within these pages is an inspiring way to get started. In Her Words is a poetry journal for women who want to express themselves, reinforce their power, and magnify their writing journey. Poignant quotes from established female-identifying writers like Margaret Atwood and Audre Lorde will help guide you―one page at a time.

Create a ritual of recording your innermost thoughts―the ones others often run from. In Her Words is the only poetry journal dedicated to you―women―who want to tease your inhibition and explore your imagination through writing. As Mary Shelley once said, “Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.”

This women’s poetry journal can help you:

  • Start writing―Find your creative flow in these well-crafted poetry journal pages.
  • Stay motivated―Quotes from women poets who reflect your pain, power, and purpose.
  • Submit your work―Learn where to submit your work and which literary journals accept submissions from new voices.

Explore your creative side and the transformative power of prose with this women’s poetry journal.

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“. . . it’s the strange and wonderful thing about writing poetry–you can never predict where or when or even why something moves you to write a poem.”

Elizabeth Bishop

From the moment I began reading the quotes from famous women poets that Marya Layth provides in In Her Words and saw the blanked line pages, I felt compelled to write. Certainly, given ample time, any of us could construct a journal and locate inspirational quotes, but this felt like a gift to me. A journal with quotes I may never have found or chosen.

The quotes vary. They aren’t all about poetry. Some are about being women, some about being a minority woman, some about the writing life. What they have in common is that they make me want to write. If you’ve gone through a rough patch of writer’s block, this could be just the thing to jumpstart your writing.

The pages are lined, which I appreciate because nothing feels less creative to me then writing at a downward slant. However, I imagine there are some who might find it stodgy. But lines can be ignored as well, no?

At the end, Layth has a section on where to submit your poems, which can be useful encouragement if you’ve never done it before.

In Her Words would be an excellent gift for yourself or the writer in your life.

I received a copy from Rockridge Press in exchange for an honest review.


4 butterflies out of 5

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