A Room with a View #amwriting

Here it is a 69F day in the beginning of January, winds howling, I’m confused. But Friday Fictioneers goes on, with much thanks to Rochelle!


A Room with a View

Mrs. Hyde-Smith: “My view shows camper vans.”

She reminds me of Eric Idle in drag. I wait, expecting more information.

She raises an eyebrow. As punctuation?

“And your point, ma’am?”

Frederick’s throat clears behind me.

“I asked for a room with a view.”

“You’ve got camper vans,” I say. “How lovely!”

Both of her eyebrows raise. “It’s nothing of the sort.”

Frederick jostles me aside to work the computer. “We’ll remedy this.”

I smile, wondering how he’s going to “remedy this” in a full seaside hotel.

He says at last, smiling vaguely, “Camper vans are lovely this time of year.”


Sascha Darlington

12 thoughts on “A Room with a View #amwriting

  1. Dear Sascha,

    You left me wondering how he’ll remedy the situation. Lovely dialogue. BTW We had 60’s Thursday and ice and snow by Friday night. Strange days indeed.



  2. 69 f and I feel the chill, but I warmth arriving as I read your story. Thoughts of summer holidays to come. Lovely

  3. You had me at “Eric Idle in drag.” Technically, any room with a window is going to have “a view.” Whether or not it’s a nice view is, as the cliché dictates, in the eye of the beholder.

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