New Year’s in OBX

Time has already slipped away so quickly. I’ve been back a week from North Carolina’s Outer Banks, been immersed in work, writing, reading, and trying to get everything back on track. My Mama always said, “When you get out of school, time just flies by.” I heard it so often that it didn’t mean anything until I started to live it.

So, before it gets to be February and a little late to post pics from New Year’s, here are my pictures from a lovely holiday.

Traveling Sophie
Vacationing dogs
Scout and Sophie sharing the same bed…never happened before….may never happen again.
Fishing boat surrounded by gulls
Turkey vulture
Ocean at sunset
West sky at sunset on the night before leaving
Ocean at sunset the night before leaving

The day before we left there was some rain and lots of clouds, which made me think of appreciation. You can’t get a really fantastic sunset picture unless you have some clouds. Life is like that. You can’t appreciate the good times unless you have bad.

I loved being with Sophie and Scout at the beach. I’ve shared many with Scout. I remember one walk on the beach several years ago when it was ever so cold and I felt like Scout and I were walking through some Siberian landscape, so happy to return to the cottage and warmth. This holiday was not that. I brought hat and gloves and never put them on. I even wore shorts!

One day, I sat an the picnic table and wrote until the clouds covered the sun and reminded me that it was winter. It was brilliant and I felt so fortunate to have those moments of writing in front of the ocean. Now I know why writers go on retreats to the seaside. Tune the cyber world out and create. It was a blessing.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s in OBX

  1. That looks amazing! I keep thinking that I’d love to be able to retire in some small town where I can have a place on the water (ocean or lake doesn’t really matter), but I’ve yet to make the reality match up to the dream. I think I’m going to just have to settle for visiting.

    1. Thank you. It’s a beautiful area and a blessing for photographers. I hear you about settling down near water. I checked house prices while I was there. A couple of cool million plus for ocean front. Out of my range for sure. But I’m not sure I’d want ocean front these days. 🙁

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