Review of Mismatched in Mayhem

My favorite O’Halloran sister, Walker, finally gets a love story of her own!

Mismatched in Mayhem

A Whiskey Sisters Novel

L. E. Rico

January 13, 2020

Entangled Bliss

Blurb: Welcome to Mayhem, Minnesota, with its sweater-wearing cats and ultra-competitive trivia nights. Where love really does conquer all…if you’ll let it.

Walker O’Halloran is finally ready to shed her “wild child” persona. Bartending at her family’s pub, babysitting her adorable niece and nephews, and getting her degree during the day. What she doesn’t do is date–or even think about dating. Ever. Until he walks into her bar, looking like a former Mr. Quarterback of the Football Team and Student Council President all rolled into one. No, thank you.

Mason Stevens has a secret—and it prevents him from knowing if someone is truly interested in him, or just what he can do for them. Until he meets Walker. She’s the first person in ages who doesn’t recognize him, and her grouchy attitude feels like the greatest challenge of his life. And he’s ready for it.

But the more time they spend together, the more he’s desperate to come clean—it’s just never the right time. Until the paparazzi do it for him…

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So I was semi-positive after reading 2018’s Mistletoe in Mayhem (see my review here) that my favorite Whiskey sister, Walker, would have a romance with baby whisperer, J.B., but as you can see from the above blurb that was not to be the case. Because it’s been over a year since I read that anthology, I can’t tell you whether I’m disappointed or not. Maybe not. Let’s go with not.

Mason is not the kind of guy one would expect Walker to be interested in. He’s not a wildchild. He looks like an all-American boy with his blonde-haired, blue-eyed good looks. And, he’s a scientist, a mineralogist. But, ultimately, he may be exactly what Walker needs.

If you have read the previous Whiskey sisters books, you know that Walker is the irreverent, snarky one of the sisters. In Mismatched in Mayhem we discover that she’s been hiding a very important part of herself that even her sisters don’t know about. It’s this part that has made her isolated and angry and which provides the reasons why she won’t entertain Mason’s interest, even though she is interested.

Mismatched in Mayhem is a magical read. As with previous Whiskey sisters novels, the readers are entertained by the eccentric cast of Mayhem, Minnesota. While they are eccentric, they are also close-knit and caring. Tears are balanced by laughter. And, as usual, there is an element of the supernatural.

I am hoping that L.E. Rico finds a way of drawing out this series because I love it so much and look forward to each installment. We still have Bailey’s story left and, who knows, maybe there’s a long lost sister, named Slane, in the mix? (One can hope!)

If you haven’t yet read any of the Whiskey sisters novels but love loveable romantic comedies, what are you waiting for? Read this series!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



5 out of 5 butterflies

4 thoughts on “Review of Mismatched in Mayhem

  1. Hoping you’ll see Bailey’s book by Christmas! Also there’s been a request for a love interest for Donovan, the cook. So…we’ll see!! SO glad you’re enjoying reading them as much as I’m enjoying writing them!

    1. That would be a wonderful present! I’d love to see Donovan have a book. And, you’ve never mentioned Julie’s age, that I remember, but she seems young and fun. (hint. hint. hint.) Thank you for writing these lovely books!

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