I Give You A Rose

I almost feel like I should re-introduce myself. Hello, I’m Sascha Darlington! I’ve been doing so many book reviews and book supporting publicity (and working, that thing which makes all of this possible) that I haven’t been myself in a while. So. Hello!

A Rose for You. (Picture by Sascha Darlington).

I have the best of intentions (I hate to even think of how many times I’ve uttered those words on this blog…please…no one feel inclined to count) of getting back into the old writing zone and actually…providing some fiction of my own along with the celebration of all of these fantastic writers that I blog about.

For days now I’ve been thinking about what a difference these past few weeks have meant for me. I almost feel like a different person. Or, actually the person I used to be. I feel optimistic and happy and positive. I hope that will shine through in writings in the weeks to come. And, I have so much I want to share with you.

Anyway, accept the above rose as a token.

Be kind and live positively.


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