16:00 You’re Gone #amwriting

I am back to writing! Woohoo! “You’re Gone” was written for Carrot Ranch for a very cool prompt. If you’d like to have a go, click here. Thanks, Charli and Susan Sleggs for this wonderfully innovative prompt!

16:00 You’re Gone

A thousand voices echo. Reprimands. Insecurity.

I’ve lost it all.

I got drunk, flirted, danced, hugged, and kissed a girl. Not you. When I kissed her, I made believe she was you.

The walls have eyes and voices that repeated events to you.

“It’s over,” you said.

“I’m sorry. What can I do?”

Those last four words I repeated over to you for days until finally, you acquiesced. “Meet me at our bench at 4.”

I brought your favorite pink roses. They smelled like heaven, like you.

After three hours, I tossed the roses into the bin.

Accepting truth.


4 thoughts on “16:00 You’re Gone #amwriting

  1. I like the link between stories and music and you did that perfectly here. That truth is so very difficult… Great job with this!

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