Happy 02022020!

Were you feeling pretty special today and just couldn’t figure out why? It’s because today is a palindrome and not just an ordinary palindrome but a global one!

So happy palindrome day of 02022020! The last one was 909 years ago and there won’t be another for 101 years!

So celebrate! This a whole new meaning to days being numbered, am I right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

To read more: CNN.

Here in the US, it’s also Groundhog Day, but since we’ve (here in the DMV) hardly had any winter, I’m not sure it matter whether Phil sees his shadow or not.

5 thoughts on “Happy 02022020!

  1. I noticed the numbers myself and re winter, I couldn’t agree more. We had 2 ft of snow then a torrential downpour that has resulted in serious flooding. Phil’s shadow …bah humbug! I say, lol couldn’t resist!

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