5 For Today

When I first considered becoming a blogger, my initial idea was for a combination book, photography, and cooking blog. A friend even gave me a possible title: Book. Look. Cook. The first has come to fruition while the second is infrequently visited, and the third not at all and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I mean, where would I get the time?

In order to get a bit more into taking pictures again, I’ve decided to start sharing 5 pictures a day as often as I can. Starting with today. Because it’s an inaugural posting, I, of course, have to include Scout and Sophie!

5 thoughts on “5 For Today

  1. I have a hard time balancing the three. I tried to keep them separate for a while, but gave up and just combined them. Now it is kind of a “you get whatever I’m in the mood for” kind of a blog.

    1. Which is probably what blogging should be. Our court, our serve. (That’s a lousy tennis reference isn’t it?! 😀 ) But I agree. It would be feeling like you ought to instead of want to when it comes to blogging.

      1. Exactly! As soon as it becomes something I have to do, I’m going to lose a large part of what I enjoy about it.

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