Route 6 #amwriting

Route 6 was written for Carrot Ranch. Thanks, Charli!

I think the goal of this exercise was to write a story more character driven than plot driven, but I haven’t done that. This is probably what happens when you don’t give an exercise enough time to be completed.

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Route 6

The blue car in the driveway’s different. Usually just Mrs. Drake’s old minivan leaking oil. Must be her husband’s. He’s got his finger in a lot of pies. None hers.

Never seen him in the six years I’ve carried this route. She’s nice, though. Warm smile, kind words. Cold water in summer. Hot coffee in winter.

Inside glass shatters. I imagine big hands around Mrs. Drake’s throat. The door handle gives under my hand. A blue-suited man stumbles out. Mrs. Drake threatens him with her Louisville slugger.

“Stinking cheater. It’s over. Don’t come back.”

And there’s always a surprise.

end (99 words)

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