5 for 2/4/2020

A few months back I told you about a squirrel who decided to go after a sharp-shinned hawk who was invading his turf. In the past several days, I’ve seen it play out again. Most recently today. While I got a nice picture of the squirrel, the autofocus on the camera decided to focus on the multiple branches instead of the hawk…and if I weren’t eyeglass bound I might have noticed and corrected the shots.

Anyway, here’s 5 for today.

and the bad pic of the hawk. πŸ™

10 thoughts on “5 for 2/4/2020

  1. I’m getting to the point where I’m wondering if my eyesight is interfering with how I take pictures. It is so not something I want to think about. We do not have nearly enough trees around here to get many squirrels. I’m not sure if they would be better or worse than the rabbits that eat all my pretty flowers.

    1. My DSLR has an optical changey thingy on the viewfinder but I don’t take that out as often as I should. The p&s’s are usually reliable but this one was on me because when I looked at the pic after I took it, it looked in focus. Obviously I needed to take my glasses off. I hate to say it but eyesight can affect picture taking. And, if you’re eyes are dry that can affect your vision, which is certainly a winter issue.

      As for the squirrels, they are garden pests in the summer because they dig and sometimes eat flowers. I think I had a picture of one munching away on my coleus last summer. I just try to find ways for them to not be so pesty. One website suggested planting a certain type of flower (may even be in the same post from last summer) but the squirrels didn’t get the memo and ate *that* flower. lol

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