Review of Microphones and Murder

A cute, sometimes funny cozy mystery!

Microphones and Murder

A Podcasting Sisters Mystery

Erin Huss

February 4, 2020

Henery Press

Blurb: Tired of living life on the sidelines, Liv Olsen gave up everything—her job at the #1 podcast series in the country, her apartment, most of her belongings—to launch her own show, Missing or Murdered. Teaming up with her kid stepsister, Camry Lewis, the dynamic duo set out to be the next big thing in true crime. On the program for season one, the sisters focus on the case of twenty-three-year-old Amelia Clark, who vanished ten years ago after an embarrassing video of her went viral. The police found the California native’s car and personal belongings, but the investigation quickly went cold. A decade later, Liv and Camry retrace Amelia’s final steps, unearthing dangerous secrets, lost loves, quirky characters, and a lifetime supply of cinnamon rolls. As funds run low and time runs out, the investigation is complicated by anonymous threats. Threats from someone who doesn’t want Amelia’s story told. Liv and Camry have a lot riding on their Missing or Murdered podcast. Now it’s more important than financial success. They have to know. What happened to Amelia Clark?

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Microphones and Murder by Erin Huss is a promising start to the new cozy mystery series, Podcasting Sisters.

Liv Olsen has been an engineer working on a highly rated true crime podcast. When a story comes to them about a ten-year-old cold case of a missing woman, Liv thinks it promising, but her boss, not so much. When her boss goes on to tell Liv that she’s lacking the “oomph” necessary to move ahead, Liv decides to do something about it.

While Microphones and Murder felt hastily penned with a few gaps of logic and errors (that I hope were fixed before publication) and characters who could have been fleshed out a bit more, the story was an enjoyable read. Sisters Liv and Camry balanced each other out and made for a funny sleuthing duo. Add in an eccentric grandmother who looks like Mrs. Claus but has a sultry voice and a penchant for over-feeding her house guests; a studly surfboading Youtube superstar lie detector; and a socially challenged newsreporter. What a cast of characters!

The mystery itself was good. Even a gap I noticed was addressed at the end to show that Huss was on the ball as far as plotting out the mystery and thinking of clues.

Lastly, Huss has a good sense of humor, which she put to use in this book, making it slightly snarky and semi-slapstick.

I look forward to more entries in this series.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



3 butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies

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