2 for 2/13/2020

So when I announced I was going to do 5 for’s, it never occurred to me that we’d subsequently go through a rainy period. Cue Alannis Morrisette singing, “Isn’t It Ironic.” (ETA: when you’re doing something else and realize you used the wrong word in your post…queue instead of cue. Bad writer! Bad writer!)

And, since I lost my camera this summer after Sophie fell into the pool, came out, jumped on me, and shook (thank you, Sophie), I am extremely careful about taking my new Christmas present out in the rain. In fact, I won’t. Maybe a sprinkle. Definitely nothing heavier. Does that make me just a little bit stupid instead of a lot? πŸ˜‰

Although it was raining today, I managed to catch a couple of surprises. One proving that not all of your nature shots need to come from outside.

ETA-again: I apologize for all the errors. Proofreading skills = 0 for today.

The Christmas cactus becomes the Valentine’s cactus?
Rains always bring the greatest sunsets.

9 thoughts on “2 for 2/13/2020

  1. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll get blooms on my Christmas cactus. I’m surprised I haven’t killed the thing yet, but it’s still hanging in there, but really doesn’t like me enough to bloom most years.

    I’ve not taken my camera out in the rain. A little sprinkle or some snow, but that is it. I’ve been thinking of ways I might be able to kind of waterproof it enough that I’d be able to, but haven’t come up with a good solution, especially with covering something like my zoom lens that nearly doubles in length at times. We need one of those goofy harnesses an umbrella attached so that we don’t have to have another person hold it for us or attempt to juggle a camera and an umbrella at the same time. I already spend most of my time behind my camera looking like an idiot crawling on the ground or contorting myself into weird positions that I’m not too worried about how ridiculous I’d look with an umbrella harness. lol!

    1. Try giving your cactus a drought and then upping the water. My cactus scare me actually and I’m surprised I’ve kept them alive and blooming!

      I never take my DSLR out in the rain. My other two are p&s’s. But the one I mentioned has a great zoom and while not actually small enough to slip in your pocket is still small enough to make an impact when you’re just out and about. All still better than a phone camera…. πŸ™‚

      1. I almost never use anything other than my DSLR. The camera on my phone is utter crap (and pretty old). Now, if we were taking about the phone BG has… I might have drooled a bit when I saw the first couple of pics she took with it. I’ve been tempted to upgrade my phone just to get the better camera, but REALLY don’t want to do that.

        I’ve got a few tiny buds that might turn into flowers if they don’t dry up and fall off like they have in the past. I’m not normally a cactus fan, but I love how these bloom. If I can get them there.

      2. If the soil feels really dry, water. I’m horrible with these plants but I’m willing them to bloom and they are doing it. Water when dry. When a bloom, water, water.
        I got a canon740hs as my p&s although I have an older canon that does remarkably good stuff. You know you can’t carry a dslr around everywhere, but it’s handy to have a camera you can put in your pocket. Nope. I haven’t seen a phone that even do what a p&s can do.

      3. One of my bigger frustrations with the DLSR is changing out the lenses for different shots. When we took a vacation to Colorado several years ago, I didn’t even try. I used my camera for zoom and my phone (crappy as it was) for wide shots. I’d really like to do something like that again, but with a really good secondary option.

      4. I rarely use my normal lens on the DLSR anymore in favor of the zoom. I got a canon p&s which I think does a pretty good job for what I want. Still not totally hooked on my phone as a camera. πŸ™‚

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