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I probably shouldn’t be writing this post. Why? Because I made a promise to myself that this weekend I would finish the writing project I’ve been working on. And, I’m not quite done but really close.

The project is a secret I’ve been keeping from you because, frankly, a part of me was afraid I would fail and if I did, I certainly didn’t want to blast that news around. Last year was a year in which it seemed like things I touched self-destructed, which made me feel a little like I was self-destructing.

Somehow I turned that around in December. I refound my inner happiness, peace. Not completely. I’m not the person I used to be, but I feel better about myself. I will probably write more about this in the near future because I know how I was feeling affected everything that happened with this blog last year.

So my secret is that I’ve almost completed a story for the Princess for a Day anthology that is going to be published by Perfectly Poisoned Press in May. I can’t tell you what a relief this is. I just have the final scene, the grand gesture, if you will. Of course, I then have a month of rewriting and editing. But the words are there and I feel like handing out lollipops to everyone!

If I’ve learned anything from this process, it’s don’t be paralyzed by fear. Get the words on paper. Don’t worry if they’re not the best words, the best scenes, the best ideas, just get it done. Worry about the editing and rewriting when it’s all there. Then you can make them the best words, the best scenes, the best ideas.

I’ve procrastinated for an hour. I’m going back to write the last scene. Wish me luck. 🤞💖

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  1. You don’t need luck, you have talent. But I do wish you perseverance. I’m looking forward to reading it! Congrats.

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