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First off, I’ve found seven legitimate comments in my spam folder in the past few days and a couple of mine have ended up in spam folders. You might just check your spam folders to make sure you don’t have some good comments languishing there.

Second, and this may be more of a question…or not. I use my WP reader to read posts as I suspect many of you do. Time and time again I notice that I don’t get all of the posts from people I follow. Some of you never show up in my WP reader. Posts that are published while I’m reading don’t show up even when I refresh. Anyone know why all of the posts don’t show up in the reader? Why some are left out? Is there anything to be done? Inquiring minds.


8 thoughts on “WP Issues

  1. Same, same. Sometimes, followers disappear, as do some of the names I follow. If I remember, or if I see their avatar on another post, I refollow.
    The refresh thingy is another matter – and I think is worse on the app (which I don’t have). I’ve learned to check my spam folder at least once a week.

    1. I forgot about the “follow” thing. I’ll go to a blog and it will have “follow” in the corner although I know I already follow. For a while I clicked it again until I realized that after I “liked” or “commented” that “following” appeared. Very buggy. I don’t know what the person I follow/unfollow/follow thinks beause I’m not sure what to think. 😀

      1. I wonder if we’re all used to it – I can’t like some posts until I like before opening! And sometimes, I can’t comment until I unfollow and then follow again! Aaaaarrrrghhhh!

  2. I’ve had the issue with the comments before and now have to keep an eye on that folder. I hadn’t noticed anything about posts not showing up, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. It seems that WP has been on the buggy side lately. A lot of other bloggers are having issues with their comments being turned off completely and not noticing until someone either comments on another post or messages them.

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