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It’s another gray day here. Even the squirrels are gray, but they’re supposed to be so that’s okay.

Today was my twice yearly visit to the glaucoma specialist. It’s a new, closer, more organized office and so far it’s been a win-win. Not to mention the fact that we’re still keeping the glaucoma at bay, again win-win.

It’s amazing how different experiences can be in going to these offices. The first office was disorganized with a surly receptionist, and a doctor who frequently cancelled my appointments. And then I could never find anyone who could refill my prescription for the drops that keep the pressure down in my eyes. The new office is quiet, organized, and professional. They manage to get everything done like clockwork, so smooth. I was early and they took me right away and I was even out far earlier than I anticipated. Talk about stress-free!

Then, of course, I had my real job to do, and now I’m procrastinating on the few hundred things I should be doing by writing an off-the-cuff blog post. Some of the things are even blog-related like getting my WWW Wednesday post done, writing stories, scheduling posts, and maybe a few haiku. I also need to get back to editing my Princess for a Day story, which I am so excited about.

Suddenly, the grayness (and everything I just listed) has made me sleepy. Time for tea. But then again, it’s always tea time.

PG Tips on the way.

7 thoughts on “Today in the Microcosm

  1. It always makes a world of difference when you finally find a good fit with someone. Doctors, dentists, even a great mechanic or plumber or whatever. When you find someone that you like working with or going to see, especially for a service you really hate dealing with, it just makes everything seem so much better.

  2. Yes, it does. The situation can already be stressful much less adding the climate and associated people to it. I love my dentist and have been seeing him for years and the office is great. I had a laugh when I read a review that said “they are too friendly” and the person didn’t like that. lol

  3. I’m glad you found a good fit! I just recently switched employers, therefore switched healthcare providers, and have to find ALL NEW doctors! 🙁 I had my previous doctors for over a decade! I hope I have as good of luck as you did! 🙂

    1. Good luck with finding a good fit. I seriously know how hard it can be. And, don’t settle! Unfortunately my dentist doesn’t take my insurance but I can apply as out-of-network and get back pretty much all of it.

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