1 for 2/27/2020

Sharp Shinned Hawk

This year I haven’t had much luck getting a good picture of these hawks. They are not keen on hanging around after I open the door. When I spied this guy sitting on the fence, I thought I’d take a chance with snapping his pic through the window. Without the interference from the window, it would have been a fantastic pic. Maybe next time!

7 thoughts on “1 for 2/27/2020

  1. This is a GREAT pic! I’ve been trying for days to snap pics of a pair of red-tailed hawks in their nest. What did you take this with–camera or phone?

    1. I know. I had no idea how much detail the pic had after I took it, but those eyes. They are incredible. He’s been going after the squirrels lately too. Don’t know how I feel about him using my yard his personal bird feeder…..

  2. Lovely photo. This morning I spotted four Kookaburra’s sitting on a telephone pole from my window (I live in Australia). I didn’t take a photo, but my daughter loved seeing them!

    1. Sometimes a camera gets in the way of just enjoying nature. It’s good to observe without always trying to get a pic.

    2. Oh! I had to look them up because I had no idea what they look like. What a beautiful bird and how wonderful to see them. Yeah, when I see something new, taking a pic is my probably a second thought.

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