A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

Many thanks to Maggie McConnell and TJ Fox for helping to simplify my life by suggesting and supporting the theme of Food for this year’s A to Z challenge.

Photo byย Spencer Davisย onย Unsplash

As in previous years, I will write flash fiction pieces hopefully no longer than 200 words in length. I know last year some stories got away from me. Oops. That might happen again this year with food. Heh. At the moment, I have the intention of linking the stories, but not in such a way that they can’t be read separately and still make sense. I know that everyone has their own thing going on and that committing to a serial sometimes just doesn’t work out.

Food glorious food!

19 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal!

    1. Actually when I went looking for an “x” food that thought did occur to me so maybe I’ll try it. At least I still have a half a month to figure it out. (Which is my world means 3 days. lol)

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