Review of Death by Midnight

A review by Betanda Shanam!

Death by Midnight
The Secret Life of Anna Good

Nicole Nadeau


November 16, 2019

Blurb: Anna Goode is a teenaged-genius with a secret—her homemade inventions that she only shares with her best friend, Jake. But when a shadowy figure kidnaps Anna’s parents, she is forced to help him carry out his mysterious plan. With her inventions and Jake by her side, Anna must use her gifted mind to save not only her parents, but countless others. And she better hurry. Because the clock is ticking.

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Betanda Shanam’s Review

An outstanding read!

Anne Goode and her best friend Jake Wallis find themselves pawns in a Russian villain`s evil plot, fighting against time to save her parents and millions of others. Anne uses her skills as an inventor and aptitudes as a genius to try and outsmart both the Russians and the CIA. Neither of which she can trust to keep her parents alive. Anne and Jake find themselves in difficult situations pushing their physical, mental, and moral capacity to the limit.

This action adventure did not disappoint. I’m not a huge fan of action adventure and I thought I was in for a long hard read. However, Nicole Nadeau’s writing glides over the pages to unfold a seamless thrilling read.  Nicole’s writing enabled me to visualise the story and I particularly enjoyed the action scenes. They were easy to follow and imagine. I was surprised, as this is not something I find myself being able to do with a lot of other action books.

Anne Goode, the main character, and her friend, Jake Wallis, are great role models for young adults; they are faithful, brave and good-hearted.   Despite being bullied Anne stays strong with the support of her friend Jake, who sees Anne for who she is and not for her differences. 

I would recommend this book to both young adults and adults.

I look forward to the next sequel in The Secret life of Anne Goode.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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