Review of The Moonglow Sisters

The Moonglow Sisters

Lori Wilde

March 3, 2020

William Morrow Paperbacks

Blurb: Welcome to Moonglow Cove, Texas, a place where your neighbors know your name and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico lap lazily against the sands. It’s a magical spot, especially in the summertime…

Once the town was the home of the Clark sisters—brought up by their grandmother at the Moonglow Inn. Nicknamed “The Moonglow Sisters”, as children they were inseparable.  Then, a wedding-day betrayal tore them apart and they scattered across the globe and away from each other.  But the sisters have at last come home…

There’s Maddie: smart, sensible, and stubborn. Shelley, who ran off to find her bliss. And Gia, a free-spirit determined to keep the peace. It’s her impending wedding that keeps them together…but Gia has a secret, and when her sisters find out all heck is going to break loose!

The Moonglow Sisters continues Lori Wilde’s trademark storytelling to create an unforgettable novel of family, betrayal, love, and second chances.

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If novels can be comfort food, and we know they can, The Moonglow Sisters would be the mashed potatoes and gravy. You know you’re going to love each and every second and then are sad when it’s ended.

Gia has always been the heart of the Clark sisters, the one to bring peace. Only naturally then does her grandmother, whose become ill and hidden it from her granddaughter, ask in a letter that Gia bring her sisters home to finish the quilt they started years ago before Maddie’s wedding, the wedding that never happened. The women return home to see their grandmother but not necessarily to finish the quilt that’s become a symbol of something broken.

If Gia is the peacemaker then Maddie and Shelley are the oil and vinegar. Both sisters return to Moonglow Cove more fragile than when they left. And it’s this vulnerability and recognition in each other that may pave the way for them to reconcile.

Lori Wilde does an excellent job of characterization. The three sisters are extremely different but they’re rendered with such deftness and compassion that even the prickly Maddie becomes a character that you love.

Told with humor and love and gentleness, The Moonglow Sisters is just the kind of book you want to curl up with these days for escape. You can expect tears, laughter, and joy–a good combination.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



4 butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies

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