Spring Has Sprung

Along with a lot of other things!


I woke up this morning feeling heavy, congested, itchy eyes. The majority of my brain said: “Allergies.” The tiny part, the panic part, said: “Coronoavirus!” I listened to the big part of my brain and took an allergy pill.

My life feels like normal in a lot of ways. I work from home so I have been working from home. I walk out in nature and take pictures, so I’ve been walking out in nature and taking pictures. I play ball with Sophie outside (this is not slighting toward Scout who never really learned how to play) so I’ve been playing ball with Sophie outside. I cook meals with beans and veggies, so I’ve been cooking meals with beans and veggies. Actually, that last part has been almost an issue as a lot of people who don’t normally eat beans have been hoarding them. Shrug. Hopefully the hoarders actually cook with them and learn the goodness of beans rather than get rid of them at some point.

Speaking of beans, if you have lentils and are looking for something tasty, I cooked this dish last week, Greek Lentil and Spinach Soup with Lemon. The flavor was very different to me, fresh and clean, which I found to be due to the fresh-squeezed lemon and whole coriander seed. Very yummy and easy.


After I emailed my Princess story on Thursday, I felt a startling lot of emotions from doubt to feeling a bit bereft. The last made me start writing on the “potions” story due in May. I’m 2000 words in, found a surly voice that I like, and have just been writing without dwelling. This is the first draft writing mode. The act of pantsing though is not without peril, which is one reason why I hope my brain comes out of its allergy-induced fog to actually help me out in this writing thing. I’m stuck. Where do I go next? Oh, brain, oh, brain, don’t fail me now!


For a good part of the week, my home office has been at the dining room table which doesn’t get used much except for holidays or dinner with guests. The open floor plan means that there are lots of windows, which, in the past week has been distracting. The number of people out walking! It’s great! It’s healthy! But who are all of these people I’ve never seen before? Do they really live in my neighborhood?

What will all of this being at home do for relationships?

Lantana. It’s not blooming outside. I brought it in for the winter but it loves its southerly exposure!

For all of us, I feel it’s a fine line we’re towing between absorbing ourselves in the glut of information around us, some erroneous, some disheartening, some cruel, some beautiful, and not allowing ourselves to fall into a depression over how out-of-our-control the situation is. I mourn for the heavy toll already taken and those who cannot grieve for their loved ones in the companionship of their families. I applaud those who are working to ensure that others have the health, food, and other necessities for living. And, my heart goes out to you all. It may be a cliche by now but it’s true, we’re all in this together. May we all be strong and kind together.

More soon.

Hugs, Sascha, Scout, and Sophie

Cherry blossom. Who needs to go to the Tidal Basin?
Yellow willow against a blue sky.

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