The Left Behind

This was written for dVerse. Thank you to Mish!

Photo by John Duncan on Unsplash
The Left Behind

On Christmas afternoon
the hawk slayed a mourning dove
I only peripherally saw the action,
the hawk’s wings beating against the door
the mass of feathers
a powder gray downy carpet on decking.
I thought then, as I prepared Christmas dinner,
of the dove’s monogamy. How must it feel to be left?

Today, isolated, I watched predators decide
who should live, who should die
but not from hunger but from greed
megalomania, ego, conceit, power,
masking sociopathy—I hope--
for no one holding a conscience could act so, could they?

The mourning dove, sweet faced, so tranquil
always succumbs, like a duck sitting, preyed,
so slow to understand the real dangers,
gentle eyes, gentle voiced,

12 thoughts on “The Left Behind

  1. “who should live, who should die”…..a real and horrifying predicament in these times
    This is a powerful piece.

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