Courtesy of Your Typist

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

Courtesy of Your Typist

The moment I turned over the script I knew I’d done a disservice to myself. Lloyd nodded, muttered, lit a Cuban before asking Angela for a Courvoisier.

“This will do, Kate. Thanks for the typing.”

Typing? My mouth falls wide.

He glances at me, waves his hand in dismissal.

As I sit in the cab reading the last seven pages of the manuscript where all of the pieces of the mystery fall together, I thank god my mother was a cynical paranoid who passed all of those traits onto me.

These last seven, glorious pages are ransom.

Salud, Lloyd, pseudo-playwright.

Sascha Darlington

16 thoughts on “Courtesy of Your Typist

  1. Don’t we all kind of fear that happening at some point? We don’t have Kate’s recourse in the digital age. Score one for the old-fashioned techniques.

  2. Now I’m thinking of Collette and how her husband made her write stories under HIS name… At least this lady had a smart mother to protect her with her wise teachings!

  3. Lloyd sounds like some bosses from my past. Competitiveness and exploitation are two of the more unsavory human attributes. Well-written story, Sascha!

    1. Yikes. I’m sorry you’ve had bosses like that. I had one that would always announce loudly: you screwed up; even when it was his fault. Ah, well. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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