A is for Apple #atozchallenge

More specifically upside down apple pecan pie. Look at the bottom of the post for links to recipes.

Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash


Open for two months, Cilantro and Sage was a hit. Kate wanted to celebrate, but the one thing she’d learned from working in the restaurant business is that you could never let your guard down. She’d seen one dissatisfied customer nearly take down a bistro with a Yelp review. The domino effect. Those were the kinds of things you couldn’t totally control. Kate tried to be on top of every fire, so they didn’t escalate. A happy customer didn’t write bad reviews.


She could tell just from the way Ewan called her name that there was a problem.

“The entire allotment of pecans is moldy,” he said from the pantry.

She stood in the doorway. The upside-down apple pecan pie with cinnamon bourbon ice cream was their signature dessert. Foodies came from miles around just to have a slice with a cup of dark roast. Dessert only wasn’t a moneymaker, but loyalty was.

“Nuts,” she said. She remembered her mentor’s advice that in cooking ingenuity saved any seeming crisis. “How are the walnuts?”

He nodded breaking into a grin. “You’re going to substitute?”

Maybe the pie slices weren’t as pretty with chopped walnuts rather than whole pecans, but for the first time since they opened, they ran out of dessert. Except for the one slice Ewan had tucked away.

He broke off a tiny chunk, scooped a bit of ice cream on top and offered the bite to Kate. She grinned, stared into his hazel eyes, before she accepted the offering. Closing her eyes, she savored the flavor. Oh, roasted nuts always made recipes better. Ewan chuckled before taking a bite.

“Crikey, that’s better than the pecan. You’re a genius,” he said.

Those were words she could get used to.


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Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie

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