D is for Deviled Eggs (with a twist) #atozchallenge

Welcome again to Cilantro and Sage, where, what? Deviled eggs? Let’s tune in.

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Egging You On!

“Do we want to be known as the kind of restaurant that serves deviled eggs as an app?” Kate asks as she smooths the deviled egg mixture into the egg white shells.

Ewan take a taste of the spicy mustard enhanced egg. “This is good, but what about guac? Maybe some fried jalapeno?”

Kate grins. “I likey. And a few leaves of cilantro. You know, just to keep our name in there.”


“Overkill for me, but I know there are lots of people who’d love it.”

“God, you’re sexy when you start talking food,” Ewan says diving in for a kiss.

She grins and then plops deviled egg on his nose. “You, too. You’re the devil who eggs me on.”

He groans.

“Too much?” she asks, laughing.


Recipes for Deviled Eggs and Deviled Eggs with Guac

Guacomole deviled eggs

Another guacamole deviled egg recipe

personally I like to change up deviled eggs and add a bit of pickle relish. Here’s one for you:

deviled eggs with relish

for regular deviled egg:

This one calls for vinegar, which I’ve never used nor seen used in a deviled egg. If you try it, let me know how it turns out. food network deviled egg

classic deviled egg recipe

7 thoughts on “D is for Deviled Eggs (with a twist) #atozchallenge

  1. These are fun–I’ve also been enjoying the recipes. Reminds me of Diane Mott Davidson (mystery writer who includes recipes in her books). The vinegar may be of German origin. German potato salad uses vinegar. My mom was German and she liked vinegar in way more dishes than I did!

  2. Guacamole! I’ll have to try this. I know some kinds of fusion can be a little crass (pizzaburger, anyone?), but this sounds lovely. I’m a sucker for avocado and cilantro. I recently tried to redo my concept of deviled eggs without breaking the mold entirely. I would love feedback from a pro like you! I try to check all of the flavor boxes with a little sugar and sweet pickle juice added for sweet / acid, and also a touch of butter for some extra-unctiousness.

    If you have a second, check it out, please: https://justinsfoodblog292392302.wordpress.com/2020/06/22/deviled-eggs-revisited/

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